Launching the Cookery Book “Aeesh Wa Malh”

Press Release of Launching the Cookery Book “Aeesh Wa Malh”
by Afnan R. Al Zayani
25th June 2014


Afnan Rashid Al Zayani has recently released her sixth cookery book “Aeesh Wa Malh” . The author has previously published Al Sofra Alkhalijiya, A Taste of Arabian Gulf, Mal Lath Wa Tab, Latha’eth Afnan, and Afnaniyat.

The book comprises of 205 pages printed in the highest quality   and contains different savory recipes that are illustrated with step by step instructions and nutritional information. The book is made up of 75 recipes in both Arabic and English.

Aeesh Wa Malh recipes were photographed by Mr. Ali Salman Hassan,  designed by Tank Concepts WLL and printed in Al Ayam press.

In addition to being a businesswoman, Afnan Al Zayani has also published five cookery books. In 1983, she published Al Soofrah Al Khaleejiah, the first cookery book published in Bahrain, followed by A Taste of the Arabian Gulf published in 1988, the first dedicated Gulf cookery book in English. In 1992, she received Bahrain National achievement award in recognition of her efforts in preserving the heritage of the Arabian Gulf cusine. In 1994, she published Ma Lath Wa Tab. In 2004, she published Latha’ath Afnan based on her TV cookery series Latha’ath 1, 2,3,4 and 5.  She had started her cookery programmes from Bahrain TV in 1986 with Al Soofrah Al Khaleejiah followed by many programmes one of which was Gulf Delights in English.  In 2007, she presented Ramadan Attyab on MBC TV.  She has also presented three programmes on Qatar TV the latest was Afnaniyat in 2008. In 2012, she presented “Yalla Neybakh Ma Afnan” on Bahrain TV.


In addition, Mrs. Afnan Rashid participates regularly on various food judging panels in local cooking competitions as well as Mefex and many other competitions organized by civil societies.

In 2009, she received the Gourmand World Cook Book Award for her publication Afnaniyat as the best Arabic Cookbook. The book won for being simple and easy to follow by beginners between cultures.

Mrs. Afnan Rashid Al Zayani also recently headed a focus group for Bahraini entrepreneurs in the food industry, arranged by the Supreme Council for Women as she is a board member in the Council. The aim of the focus group was to discover the challenges that restaurants and café’s owners face and come up with a strategy for the Supreme Council for Women to solve them.