pasrty-1 Served with yogurt or soup it makes a perfect dinner, or prepare in bite-size for cocktail or tea parties.
450g filo pastry (about 30 – 32 sheets)
¾ cup olive oil or melted butter

1 ¼ kg fresh or frozen spinach leaves
1 ½ cups chopped spring onion
1/3 cup olive oil
3 cups feta cheese, crumbled
½ cup finely chopped dill weeds
3 eggs, slightly beaten
salt to taste
¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1/8 teaspoon freshly ground nutmeg

1.Thoroughly clean and wash the spinach leaves by dipping them several times in a large pot filled with water, then rinse with cold water and allow to drain.
2.Trim off the hard stems, then coarsely chop.
3.Cover with water and cook for 7 min., occasionally stirring with a fork. When using frozen spinach, skip this step.
4.Drain the boiled or thawed spinach, then press between your palms to get rid of the excess liquid. 5.Heat 1/3 cup olive oil, stir in the onion until soft.
6.In a large mixing bowl, stir the onion, olive oil, spinach and the remaining stuffing ingredients. Season to taste, cover and set aside.
7.Work with one filo sheet at a time. Keep the rest covered with a damp cloth.
8.Brush the sheet with oil or use your fingertips to gently spread the oil on the filo sheet, fold the sheet to form a rectangle with the full sheets length and half its width. Brush with oil again.
9.Leave 2cm from the edge of the filo and spread 2 tablespoons of the filling along the length of the sheet.
10.Fold back 1cm from each end of the filo sheet, then roll into a cylinder. Roll the cylinder into a spiral. Pack the spiral, in an oiled oven dish.
11.Brush the top of the spirals with oil or melted butter for a more attractive golden colour.
12.Bake in a preheated moderate oven at 180ºC or 350ºF for 25-30 min. Serve hot or cold with yogurt.
Notes: In step 8, if desired cut the formed rectangle into 2 lengthwise, use 1 tablespoon of stuffing for each, then continue. • In step 8, if desired place two filo sheets on top of each other instead of one sheet and double the stuffing. In this case, double the number of filo sheets used. • When using fresh spinach, the stuffed pastries can be freezed for 1-2 months.