shorbat_soup1 A thick, nourishing, and delicious soup suitable for cold winter nights.Ingredients¾ cup harees (pearled or polished wheat)
½ kg lean beef with bone
¼ cup flour + ¼ teaspoon salt
salt and lemon juice to taste
10-12 cups water,or diluted beef stock1. Thoroughly wash, trim excess fat, then rub meat with flour, set aside for a few minutes, then wash.

2. Place the Harees in a large pressure cooker or a pot with a tight cover. Add 7-8 cups water. Bring to a boil.

3. Cut the meat into 2 cm cubes. Add the meat and the bone to the Harees, cover and cook for 30 min. Remove the brown froth.

4. Check and gradually add enough water. Cook until the Harees kernels are cooked and have lost their shape (almost dissolved).

5. Add water to get the desired consistency.

6. Remove the bones. Add lemon juice and salt to taste.

7. Simmer for 10-15 min., frequently stirring. Serve hot.