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صدر حديثاً، سابع إصدارات أفنان راشد الزيان. كتاب طبخ ” ياحلاوة” الذي يختص بوصفات الحلويات، يحوي الكتاب 77 وصفة باللغتين العربية و الإنجليزية مع العديد من الصور التوضيحية لخطوات الإعداد.

Afnan Rashid Al Zayani has recently released her seventh and latest cookery book “Ya Halawa”. The cookbook is made up of 77 dessert recipes in both Arabic and English, that are illustrated with step by step instructions.

Her older publications are:

book3ALSOOFRA ALKHALEEJIYAH 1983 السفرة الخليجية

أول دليل شامل لأسرار المطبخ الخليجي التقليدي و المبتكر. صدرت الطبعة الأولى في عام 1983 و طبع منه ثمان طبعات حتى الآن

The first comprehensive guide to the secrets of traditional and modern Arabian Gulf cooking. The first edition was printed in 1983. eight editions have been printed to date.


The first dedicated Arabian Gulf cookbook in English published in 1988, with the third edition published in 2009. The book preserves the heritage of the Arabian Gulf cuisine, and provides a comprehensive guide to traditional Gulf dishes with a brief introduction for each dish and the occasion on which it is served. Moreover, the book comprises a selection of innovated recipes inspired by Arabian Gulf and international cuisine.



book4MA LATH WA TAB 1994 مالذ وطاب

كتاب يحوي أكثر من 300 وصفة لأطباق عربية و عالمي و أخرى مبتكرة، مصاغة بلغة سلسة تتخللها صور توضيحية لخطوات التحضير. صدر عام 1994 و صدرت النسخة المنقحة عام 2004

A book comprising more than 300 Arabic, international, and innovated recipes. All the recipes are written in an easy to follow method and many are illustrated with pictures of preparation techniques . Published in 1994 with a revised version published in 2004.

book5LATHA’ATH AFNAN 2004 لذائذ أفنان

صدر عام 2004، يحوي 350 وصفة تشمل سلسلة برنامج الطبخ التلفزيوني للمؤلفة لذائذ 1،2،3،4،5

Published in 2004, comprises more than 350 recipes, based on the author’s television cooking series Latha’ath 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

book1AFNANIYAT 2009 أفنانيات

هو إصدارها الخامس الحائز على جائزة جورماند العالمية والذي تم اختياره كأفضل كتاب طبخ عربي في عام 2009 و يحوي وصفات مفصلة من برنامج طبخ أفنانيات التلفزيوني باللغتين العربية و الإنجليزية

Her fifth book showcasing Afnaniyat TV programme recipes, both in Arabic and English languages. This book received the Gourmand world cookbook award for Arabic cookery books published in 2009.

10450940_613408145424599_5669610773614385071_n  AEESH WA MALH   2014   عيش و ملح

كتاب عيش و ملح و هو الإصدار السادس لأفنان راشد الزياني صدر في عام 2014. يقع في201 صفحة و يحوي الكتاب 75 وصفة مالحة باللغتين العربية و الإنجليزية مع وصفات صحية و معلومات غذائية حول الوصفات و مكوناتها و صور لخطوات الإعداد.

“Aeesh Wa Malh” is Afnan Rashid AlZayanbi’s sixth cookery book, published in 2014. Thebook comprises of 201 pages with 75 savoury recipes in both Arabic and English with healthy alternatives for the recipes and nutritional information as well as easy to follow illustrations of preparation steps.


In addition to writing Cookery Books, Afnan is also a producer and presenter of T.V. Cookery Programmes since 1986, namely:


  • Al Soofrah Al Khaleejiah: The first Arabic cooking show produced and presented by a Khaleeji National. This program was based on her first book release AlSoofrah Al Khaleejiah – Bahrain T.V. (1986)
  • Eat Smart – A quick and fun series produced in English for Channel 55-Bahrain T.V. (1996)
  • Taibat – This program was mainly based on recipes from her third book “Ma lath wa Tab” produced by Bahrain T.V. (1997)
  • Gulf Delights – A program produced by Channel 55-Bahrain T.V. in 1998 in English, highlighting a selection of the most popular & favorite recipes from the book “A Taste of the Arabian Gulf”.
  • Lathiyath – I, II, III, IV & V – The Lathiyath series was aired in Ramadan for 5 consecutive years on Bahrain TV. The content of the program was compiled and published in her fourth cook book Lathiyath Afnan in 2004.


  • Awafi 2005 – Qatar T.V. (2005)
  • SehaWa Afia – Qatar T.V. (2006)
    These two programs focused on promoting a healthier lifestyle with delicious yet balanced food that is high in nutritional value. It presented a healthier version of many traditional and contemporary favorites.


  • Ramadan Atyab – MBC (2007) This was the first collaboration between Afnan AlZayani & the MBC group. The program was filmed and produced in Lebanon and featured several celebrities from the Arab world.




  • Afnaniyat – Based on her fifth book Afnaniyat which received Gourmand world cookbook award as the best Arabic Cookbook. The program aired in Ramadan on Qatar T.V. (2008)



  • Yalla Netnakh ma’aa Afnan – Bahrain T.V (2012) This program was filmed with a different guest on each episode. it was shot in various location all over Bahrain to highlight the beauty of the Island and put the spotlight on many rising entrepreneurs in the food industry in Bahrain.